Monday, March 14, 2016

Fact or Fib Activities


Fact or Fib is a great activity to use as a review or even closure to a lesson.

Each student needs a Fact or Fib card.  These can easily be made using an index card.  Students can write Fact on one side and Fib on the other.

I usually give my students about 5 minutes to make and decorate their Fact or Fib card.  I then have them keep it in a pocket glued into their interactive math journal for easy access.

How does Fact or Fib work?  The teacher presents a question, problem, picture, etc. with a statement that could be a fact or a fib. Students are then given think time.

After think time, I usually say "3 -2-1" and students put down their Fact or Fib card on their desk with the answer they selected facing up.  I then let students discuss their selection with their shoulder partner before revealing the correct answer.

I created Fact or Fib activities on PowerPoint and animated them to keep students' attention.  They have worked really well and students have been very attentive.

You can download Fact or Fib cards for free at my TPT store.  Just click on the link below.

Here is an example of one of my Fact or Fib activities.  I made it into a movie just to provide an example of my work, so it goes a little fast.  However, the actual PowerPoint is controlled by clicking to go on to the next slide so that you can go at the pace you need to for your class.

This Fact or Fib on Order of Operations can be found at HERE.

Free Fact or Fib Cards - download or you can just have your students make their own on an index card.

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Be sure to check out more video previews of all my Fact or Fib activities HERE

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