Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Storage for Stations!

Are you looking for sturdy storage for some of your stations?
Consider recycling!

I recycle plastic canisters to use as storage for some of my math stations.  Some of the stations I have are made on wooden craft sticks, a.k.a. popsicle sticks, miniature Easter eggs, small plastic cups and foam or wood cubes.

It's not easy to store those in envelopes or plastic baggies.  So, I decorated containers using contact paper, colorful paper and tape and use them to store stations in. On some of the containers, I include directions for the activity I keep inside.

They fit perfectly on my shelves and students love them!
When it's time to put away, it's very easy for students to just quickly put the station materials away in the container and back on the shelf.



Here are some of the stations I keep in these thrifty storage containers.  Click on the pics and check them out!!
Combining Like Terms
Trash to Treasure

Making Cents in Math

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