Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's Wrong With This Sign?

Have you ever entered a store and noticed a really great deal on something because of the sign? Maybe you've passed by a restaurant and decided to eat there because of the "Special of the Day" advertised in their window.  Well, make sure you calculated the deal because sometimes it isn't such a great deal after all!

Imagine the possibilities!  Students can have great discussions with each other as they try to find the mistake and make a correction!  That's right! Someone's error is our gain in the classroom.

Here are some ideas on how you can use this with your students:

  1. Math Stations - Have students select one sign, find the error and fix it. Then have them recreated their version of the same sign with their correction.  Great as a display with the original picture clipped on the student's version for others to see!
  2. Whole Class Discussion - Display a sign for the whole class to see and have them discuss with their group or shoulder partner what the error is and how they can correct it!
  3. Project - Challenge students to take pictures of signs that they find incorrect at stores. It would be awesome to then share them with the classroom and have them explain what the error is.
You can find more signs to use in your classroom on my "What's Wrong With This Sign?" Pinterest board.  Just click on the link!  Be sure to follow me so that you can see more signs when I add them to the board.

Have a "Mathalicious" day!

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