Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Integer Fluency Circles

I'm from Texas, and as some of you already know, many of the math standards have been rearranged to different grade levels.

As a 7th grade math teacher, it was my job to teach 7th graders addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers with and without models.  It was brand new to them in 7th grade until (insert horror music here) standards were changed.

Now, they are supposed to learn computation of integers with and without models in 6th grade.  Well, let's just say there are many gaps that still need to be filled, in all grade levels including 7th.

That's when I came up with Integer Fluency Circles. It's a spin off of multiplication circles I saw a few years back (okay, way waaaayyyy back).

I'm not a big fan of making thousands upon thousands of copies of worksheets for my students while standing by the copy machine fighting the urge to fall asleep due to the soothing rhythm it creates. Therefore, I made Integer Fluency Circles for each of my students and laminated them so that they could keep them in their "pencil" bag for easy access.  They also have a dry erase marker in their bag and small felt square they use as an eraser.

Students LOVE this activity!  I made it a bit of a competition within their group.  I first tell them what number to write in the center of the circle, then I announce "Ready? Set? ______!!!" Insert add, subtract or multiply in the blank.  Then, it's a race.  The person to get the most correct at the end of the round earns a point.  They keep score on their desk with their dry erase marker.

I post answers on the screen so that they can check.  For further review, I have them discuss mistakes made and what they need to do to get it correct next time.

You can find this activity HERE.  I've provided different sizes, as well as blank circles to create your own.

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