Loop Games

Loop Games are a fun way to get your students up and walking & talking about math!

Just print out cards, shuffle them up so they won't be in order, then tape them around the classroom at students' eye level. Each card will have an "answer" at the top half and a "problem" on the bottom half.

I suggest having students work with a partner so that they can discuss solutions. This also helps as peer tutoring if paired accordingly. Once they find their partner or you match them up with their partner, have each team or group start at a different problem.

Have students ignore the answer at the top of the first card. They need to solve the problem that is at the bottom of the first card. When students find the answer, they must look for it at the top of another card in the room. They then go to that card and solve the problem there. This process continues until they end up back on the card that they started on, hence the name Loop Game. If students do not find their answer at the top of a card, that means they solved incorrectly and need to try again.

Math classes on my campus are only 45 minutes long, and sometimes my students don't get to complete all of the problems in a Loop Game. However, I'm okay with that because of all of the wonderful conversations, discussions and learning that took place during the time that students were solving problems! Remember, quality is more important than quantity!!! ;)

I generally just print out the answer key and stand at the center of the room and listen to the amazing conversations which sometimes turn into debates.

If you are interested in reading more about Loop Games, please click HERE to see one in action taking place in my classroom!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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