Fact or Fib Activities

Here a some short videos of the Fact or Fib activities I created.  This video clips were made so that you could see the quality of my work, since the pictures alone do not do them justice.

What is a Fact or Fib?
A great activity to use as a review or closure to a lesson.  The teacher provides a statement or picture that is a fact or fib.  Students then pick their answer.  The teacher then shows the correct answer and students discuss.

I make Fact or Fibs on PowerPoint and include animation. My students are engaged throughout the activity.  I had my students make Fact or Fib cards using index cards.  They wrote Fact on one side and Fib on the other.  I gave them 5 minutes to decorate them and they keep them in a pocket in their interactive math journal for easy access. Another option, a free download of colorful Fact or Fib cards HERE..  Just print, cut, fold, glue and use.

Please keep in mind that these are just video clips, so they go rather quickly.  On the actual PowerPoint, you will be able to click to go on to the next slide at your students' pace.  

Attributes of Three-Dimensional Figures

Get this Fact or Fib on Attributes of Three-Dimensional Figures HERE.

Similar Figures

Get this Fact or Fib on Similar Figures HERE.

Order of Operations

Get this Fact or Fib on Order of Operations HERE.

Types of Lines

Get this Fact or Fib on Types of Lines HERE.

Triangle Review

Get this Fact or Fib on Triangle Review HERE.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!  

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