Monday, June 20, 2016

Stations From Store Ads? YEEEESSSS!!!!!!

Some people call them "store ads", others call them "store circulars".  I call them "STATIONS"!!!!

All you need are "store ads", scissors, glue, index cards and your imagination!
Here is a set I made to use as a station in my math class.

I wrote the answers on adhesive labels and stuck them on the backs of the cards to make the station self-checking! I use adhesive labels, because sometimes the writing will go through the card and students can see the answer.

Here is a closer look at the directions I provided to give you an idea. I like to include skills covered.

I am attaching pictures of some of the cards below to give you ideas for the types of questions you can create for your station.

I hope this idea inspires you. You can create problems for many types of skills, including Financial Literacy standards! I'm listing some more ideas below to help.
  • How much money will you get back if you pay with a $20 bill?
  • What is this amount rounded to the nearest dollar?
  • How many can you buy if you only have $10? (tax not included)
  • If sales tax is 8.25%, how much will your total cost be?
  • For sales such as "3 for $5", you can ask this question: How much will you pay for eight?"
The possibilities are endless and it will cost pennies to create! In addition, you are using real life situations and the ads are colorful.

Take it to the next level! Have your students create a card, independently, with a partner, or in a group.  Have them include the answer. Not only can you use this as an evaluation, but you just had your whole class create another station.  They will love seeing their own creations!

Here are more activities that involve percents and money from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Hope this helps!

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