Thursday, April 28, 2016


I know Easter has come and gone, but when I came across these cute plastic mini Easter eggs on clearance for $0.25 a pack, how could I resist!  I immediately thought "MATH STATION"!

First, a few tips.
Use scissors to snip off the little plastic piece that keeps the top and bottom portion of the egg together.  Then use a nail file to file down any plastic that juts out.  

For the next step, I decided to mix it up.  I closed up the eggs using different tops and bottoms.  They look so pretty and colorful!

I decided to make my stations on equations and inequalities because that's what my students need "EGG"-stra practice on.  I wrote the problems on the top portion and answers on the bottom portion using a permanent marker.  I suggest you keep eggs closed when you are writing problems and answers on them so that it is easier to keep track.

I used Crystal Light containers for storage. "EGG"-sactly twelve mini plastic eggs fit in the container if they are taken apart.

I made two sets with equations and two sets with Inequalities, typed up and printed out directions, then used packing tape to adhere directions onto the containers.
Twelve problems in each station for a total of four math stations.   An "EGG"-ceptional deal for $0.50!

 These stations provide great opportunities for discussions when students work in pairs or groups.  Students will be "egg"splaining, tutoring, teaching, and learning!
(Ha Ha!  Sorry, I just "crack" myself up!)

This is a self checking activity! Hold students accountable by having them show all of their work on paper.  Then have them check their answer by substituting their determined values for the variable.

Sometimes worksheets can be boring.  This simple hands-on activity will keep students engaged, hands moving, eyes looking and brains thinking! They won't even realize they did twelve problems.

I hope this was helpful!

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