Monday, April 4, 2016

Color Coding for Math Stations

As you know by now, I have several math stations in my classroom. Sometimes I make duplicates.  It's no fun when a student drops a station card on the floor.  Ugh!  Which set does it belong to?

Then it hit me.  COLOR!

Color coding with color dots, sticky notes, ink stamps or stickers makes it easier to match up station cards and pieces! I've even used color markers! Quick and easy color coding.

Here is a duplicate set of stations that I have color coded.  I've even started color coding the station envelopes to make it easier for students when it's time to put away. 

Pink Set
Green Set

I recommend placing your color codes on your stations before laminating.  

Already have your sets laminated? No problem! You can place your color coding dot, sticky note or sticker on your cards and then follow up with a piece of glossy tape to secure it.  You can also use a permanent marker. A different color for each set!

Hope this is helpful!

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