Sunday, April 10, 2016

Integer Fluency Circles

Practicing integer fluency will be fun with these Integer Fluency Circles!

Several different set ups to choose from. Blank circles also included so that you can create your own!

Quick and easy prep!  Just print and play!

Great as stations or even a little friendly classroom competition.

I printed and laminated one copy per student so that they could keep it in their pencil bag for easy access and so that they could use with a dry erase marker.

My students LOVE this activity!  I made it a bit of a competition withing their groups.  I first tell them what number to write in the center of the circle, then I announce "Ready? Set? ______!!!" Insert add, subtract, multiply in the blank. Then it's a race!  The person to get the most correct at the end of the round earns a point. Students keep score on their desk with their dry erase marker. When the round is over, I always have students discuss and acknowledge their mistakes with the group so that they know what to do next time!  

It can also be used as a math station.

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