Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jenga Math Review

A while back I posted about a used Jenga game I purchased at a Goodwill store.  Well, I finally finished it!  It took me a while because I didn't really know what to use it for or how to fix it up.

Well, I'm finally done and here is the final product!
I used an old plastic bin I had for
storage since the original
box wasn't in good condition. 
They all fit perfectly!

I used fine point permanent markers to make the game colorful.  I included various types of skills that my students need review on. Since the game blocks were in excellent condition and very smooth, it was easy to write on them with markers. 

TIP:  Use brand new fine tip markers.  For some reason, my used markers bled into the wood. 

One of my student groups already tried it out and they said it was "cool"! 

I hope these tips were helpful.  Let me know what you think!

UPDATE:  I was able to get a picture of Math Jenga in action.

I have my students seated in groups of four and I rotate stations around the room by groups.  Many students were anxious to get their turn at this station.  :D

Here is another great test review activity available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


  1. Do you have the answer key to these problems?

  2. Sorry, I do not. Stations like this help to create discussions within the group. Peer tutoring takes place as well. If students in the groups disagree with an answer, that's when they call me over and I prompt with questions until they get the correct answer. Sometimes I allow the group to have one calculator so that they can check their answers. Our campus uses the NSpire Handhelds.