Monday, July 11, 2016

Playing Card Storage for the Classroom

Lucky me!! I found these at WalMart for 14 cents!
How could I say no?
In a previous post, I shared an activity where students could practice integer fluency with a regular deck of playing cards.  
You can find that activity HERE.

Well, now I have the perfect storage for those cards!

I love to use playing cards to practice math skills in my classroom, but the boxes they come in are not very durable.  These index card boxes are the perfect size for them.

I first removed all of the items inside the box.  I kept what I might use later and threw away what I didn't need.Many of you might already know what it is like to have a classroom full of students using different sets of playing cards. Someone is going to drop a card, or two, or three on the floor.  It isn't very much fun trying to figure out what set they belong to. So I organize them this way.

I organize each set by letters.  And I write the corresponding letter on the storage box.

I use permanent markers to write the letters on the cards and on the box.

Now if a student finds a card on the floor, they know immediately which set to return it to.

I have used this method for a few years now and it works really well for me.

Let's face it, nothing lasts forever. These cards might only last one or two years. But the learning that took place using them is very valuable!

Quick Tip:  I actually found these index storage boxes in the clearance aisle about a month after school started.  You know how stores are, they clear out the back to school items to make room for the fall holiday items.  So keep an eye out for them!  They are great for storing other card activities that you might use in your classroom!  You might even be able to store crayons in them!

One more thing!  I used letters, but you could use numbers, shapes, patterns or even just a line across the back of the card using different colors of markers. Use whatever works best for you!

I wouldn't use stickers though. Those would definitely come off quickly.

I hope this was helpful!  If you have a different way of organizing and storing your cards that might be helpful to other teachers, please feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!!!!

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