Wednesday, July 20, 2016

STAAR Test Griddables

UPDATE: I now have these available for the North Carolina EOG for grades 5 through 8! Links found at the end of this post.

Need one for your state? Just contact me!!!
I might be able to create it! 😉

I know! I know!  It seems too early to talk about state testing, but I wanted to share this idea with everyone as they prep for the upcoming school year.  This is a great activity to use at least once a week so students will remember how to fill in those griddable items on the test! Besides, students LOVE using dry erase markers so you should get some pretty good student engagement with these.

Just print your grade level's griddable on one side then laminate. Voila!  You have a two-sided dry erase board! I recommend using cardstock since it's sturdier. I teach 7th grade, so I am using the griddable for 6 - 8 as an example in the pictures.


If you don't have access to a laminating machine, just use page protectors.  I recommend sealing the open end with packing tape or colorful duck tape so that students won't be tempted to write on the page inside and ruin it. I also recommend that you use glossy page protectors so that the dry erase marker will wipe off easily.


These can be used to review and practice basic skills at the beginning of the year. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and rounding are skills students tend to forget certain steps to over summer break. These dry erase boards will motivate them to participate more than a worksheet will when you review these skills.  They can also be used throughout the year with other skills your students will be learning.

How do I use them?  
I present students with a problem via projector/screen.  Then I have them write it down and solve on their "dry erase board", all white side.  After they solve, I have them fill in the griddable on the printed sided and have them hide their answer from other students.  I then give them a cue, such as "On the count of three." or "Ready? Set? Show!", they then all hold up their answer shown on the griddable side.  I can then look and see who needs a one-on-one for filling in the griddable, as well as who needs more practice on the type of problem given.
This is also a great opportunity for immediate feedback!
Students love to here that they are correct.

Sometimes before the cue, I have shoulder partners compare answers and decide whether they agree or disagree with each other.  This presents a teachable moment between students.

They are very durable, either laminated or used in a page protector. I've had my class set for quite some time now, three years or so.

If you're interested in using this in your classroom, click on the appropriate link below to find them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Texas STAAR Test Griddable

South Carolina EOG Gridded Response

Thanks so much for looking and I hope this is helpful to you and your students!

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