Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ready for a New School Year!

Summer has come and gone and a new school year is upon us. I have been spending several hours preparing my classroom as many other fellow educators have been doing.  Organizing, arranging, throwing out, and putting in items to make it look and feel like a safe, suitable, comfortable learning environment for my incoming 7th graders. Let me give you a tour.

Here is the display space outside my room.  It's simple but with a great message. "Your attitude determines your direction.  Make it a good one!"  At the beginning of every class, students will line up in front of this area.

Welcome!  7th Math and a little motivational sign I created.

Here is a close up of the sign.
Just a reminder that it's truly all about them!

Am I the only one that thinks that this is the cleanest my desk will be all year?  BTW, notice the emoji taped to the corner of my computer.  It's a note to remind me that I have morning and afternoon duty all week, the first week of school.

Front view of my desk with my name on the pennants.  You think my students will actually call me this instead of "Miss" this year?

Side view of my area. You can see how I make my table skirt HERE.

"Cell Phone Parking" using a shoe organizer.  Because, when your two-period block class becomes a 45 minute class from one year to the next, "ain't nobody got time for that" phone!  Well, only when it's incorporated into the lesson.  ;)

I started this last year.  Both types of clocks, analog and digital, to help students practice telling time.  Yes, many seventh graders still do not know how to tell time on an analog clock.  I blame it on the digital era.  Underneath my clocks are "Ask Me!" badges.  Students that prove they have mastered a skill get to wear this and act as my "teaching assistants".  They love it!  They get to teach/help other students in the class and let's face it, sometimes students would rather ask a peer for help then ask the teacher for help.  It's a WIN, WIN!

Focus/Agenda board ready!  Love the cute pencil shaped dry erase board eraser.  Dollar tree item!

My closets actually closed!!  Just kidding.  There is still room in there.  Last door: I'm challenging my students to "change their mindset" this year.

Math Reminders! Because, sometimes they need a little reminding!  I adjust as needed throughout the year.

Journals go here. And they WILL be put away neatly.  They WILL I say!!!

F.Y.I. board.  The "Missing Parts" pocket in the lower left corner is a lost and found for station pieces. It's a life saver!!! Find more info on it HERE.

Group trash bins are upside down with the corresponding group tool kit.  Trash bins are great when students need to cut pieces from paper.  Just wad up scraps, place in trash bin and when it's time to put away, a designated student "takes out the trash".  It's easier than picking up papers from the floor.  Tool kit contains color pencils, glue, scissors, pencil sharpener, know, school tools.

That's all folks!!!

If you are interested in some of the motivational mini posters and pennants, you can find them in the links below.

If you are interested in anything else you saw, just contact me and I'll be happy to help you out!  :)

I hope this tour of my classroom was helpful!  Thanks for looking and I hope everyone truly has an amazing and productive year!!!

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