Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Great Classroom Management Tip!

Imagine this--
You are conducting small group instruction and the rest of your class is working on another activity. Then, it happens. You hear from the other side of the room, "Miss! I need help!" or "Sir, can you come over here real quick?"  Well, you go on over and this is what they ask you, "Can we write on this paper?" or "Is this for a grade?" or maybe even "I forgot how to do this step. Can you show me?"  

It can seem like your a constantly back and forth and not much instruction is given to your small group.

Well, this happened a whole lot in my classroom years back. It felt like a tug of war.  But then I remember seeing something like this either in a book or online.  I wish I could remember, but it was a long time back.

Students are instructed to ask three other students their question before they can ask the teacher.  If no one knows the answer to their question, THEN they can ask the teacher. 

It prevents lots of unnecessary interruptions and as a teacher, you can get more accomplished during small group instruction.

I made this sign and have it posted at the front of my classroom as a reminder to students.

Yes, sometimes they forget. It wouldn't be normal if they wouldn't forget, would it?  LOL  So I just point to the sign and they remember to ask their partner or neighbor.

Here's my sign!

You can download the sign for free HERE.

I hope this is a helpful strategy and you can use it in your classroom!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!!

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