Monday, September 19, 2016

Figure Me out!

Not only is this great to use as a "getting to know you" activity, but it also allows students to review what they learned the previous year about computation and order of operations!

To be fair to my students, I created a Figure Me Out sheet of my own so they could have an example of what was expected.

I allowed my students to work with a partner so that they could discuss, share and remind each other about skills they learned last year. They were also able to use journal notes and resources that were glued into their math journal.

I did find out a whole lot about my students. They are very creative and their drawing skills are very impressive. 

I challenged my students to create a 2-step problem and use the order of operations.

It makes a great display for Meet the Teacher Night or Open House.

This activity also gave me a chance to show my students what I expect when they are working in pairs, with their shoulder partner. As I monitored the classroom, I praised students that were using the correct "volume" when discussing.  Since students learn by example, others took note of this and followed suit.

If you are interested in purchasing this activity, you can find it HERE.

Thanks so much for looking and have a great day!!!

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