Saturday, May 28, 2016

End of Year Sale!

Next week is my last week of school!  If you are like me, you have already started planning for next year.  To help kick off your Summer Vacay, I am having an "End of the School Year" sale!

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If you are teaching summer school, I have many great math activities/stations for practicing basic skills. I also have many "loop games" that will get students up and learning!

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Have a great summer!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coordinate Geometry Polygon Project

Well, the end of school is right around the corner and trying to get students to do their math work is starting to get very difficult.  

How about letting THEM choose what to do?!

With this activity, they get to choose where to place the two-dimensional figure on the coordinate grid and they get to choose what it should look like, with a few guidelines of course.  ;)

This is a great activity that can be used to review two-dimensional shapes and coordinate geometry. It will also give students a chance to be creative as well.  Students can also color the shapes if THEY choose to.
You can find the directions to this activity HERE!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Life Size Composite Figures

This is a great activity for a cooperative learning group!

I put students into teams of three to four and gave them the challenge of creating a "Life Size Person" using quadrilaterals, triangles, semi-circles and quarter circles.  I helped them cut the shapes with my paper cutter. All they had to do was tell me where to cut and give me dimensions.  I did this so that the cuts would be straight and easier for them to measure.  Yes!  Measure!  They did that also!  They had to find their dimensions and then use the correct formula to find the area.  
All of their work was shown on the back of their "Life Size Person".  (Next time, I will have them show it on the front.) 

All pieces were taped together on the back.  Great conversations took place as students were creating.  I heard one team even say something about using numbers that were easier to divide by two for the triangles, so that they wouldn't have a decimal answer!  That is a pretty clever observation!

Students also discussed which formulas to use, how to use them and my favorite, "you don't have to divide by two because there are two congruent semi-circles that make a whole circle when put together".

Students also discussed the attributes of the shapes used.
The final product had the total area of the composite figure.

Click HERE for a free copy of the directions sheet!!!

Here is another activity on Area of Composite Figures that will get your students walking and talking about math! Click here!

If you use this activity in your classroom, I would love for you to share the amazing creations your students come up with on this post.  

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!